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A black cat with a blurry background

About Us

Cat playing with a toy laying down on a blanket

Your Partner in Pet Health

Our hospital is a place where you and your cats are treated like family. We understand how you feel about your cat. You want your cat to be comfortable and happy and live a long, healthy life. We can provide everything you expect for your pet’s good health and comfort. We treat your pet with loving care.

After 50 years of community service, we have a developed and dedicated staff of experienced professionals and one of the most advanced animal care facilities in Florida. Respected for providing the latest options in diagnosis and therapy, we are pleased to be one of the few general practice animal hospitals in the USA offering this medical cure. After meeting the strict qualifications required by federal and state agencies, we received accreditation by the Florida Dept of Radiation Control.

The Exam Process Here at Cat Thyroid Center

Watch Dr. Ott go over the beginning process of seeing our cat patients with thyroid disease!